Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Math in Context: Building and designing a house on a budget

This is a cool math project given to a 3rd grade class in Atlanta.  The challenge is to design a home with specific constraints that stays under budget.  The constraints are things like

  • "Your kitchen must be twice as big as your dining room"
  • "Two of the hallways must be parallel"
  • "You must have a garage which is 10% of your total square footage"
There are also details about the cost of land (per arce), the building cost (per square foot), the cost of paint (per wall), etc.

There's so much going on in this project! There's a lot of routine calculations, but in a manner that is obviously relevant, self-motivating, creative, and requires higher-level thinking skills. This project could be adapted to a wide range of grade levels, and kids could proudly present their finished creations to the class!

Anyway, here's the project sheet.  I didn't make it - a parent showed it to me.

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