Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SWIM: Summer workshop in mathematics for female high school students

SWIM (which stands for Summer Workshop in Mathematics) is a free 9-day workshop for female students who are rising seniors in high school and interested in mathematics.  It was held in 2009 and 2010 at Princeton (I was an RA and TA in 2010), and will be held this summer (2016) at Duke.  Students are housed in dorms, attend two math courses, and spend their afternoons working in groups on an exploration topic related to one of their courses. 

The reason that this program has not been held every single summer is that it requires a good amount of funding.  Every participant receives full support for travel and accommodation, which is extremely rare in programs for high school students. 

Sadly, the application deadline just passed for this summer, but I think it's still worth posting about the program so that more people are aware of it in the future.  

For many women, being in an environment that is dominated by men is challenging and discouraging.  So programs like this (the IAS also runs a Women and Mathematics program for undergrads and graduate students) are incredibly helpful in encouraging more women to stick with math. 

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