Monday, February 1, 2016

Splash: a weekend-long learning extravaganza

According to Learning Unlimited's website:
Splash is a weekend-long extravaganza of classes at a local college or university, where pre-college students are invited to learn about everything and anything from passionate university students.
Most are aimed at high schoolers, but some will let middle schoolers attend too.  Some of the longer running programs are at MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Duke, Yale, and Boston College.  They are all student run and tend to have a lot of fun / silly / unusual classes.  You could learn how to write parody songs or make your own play-doh (I taught that one once), but could also take a class on math or computer science. Here's last year's MIT Splash course catalogue.

Learning Unlimited was founded by MIT alumni who wanted to make it easier for other college students to run educational programs like Splash.  Their website has a list of programs throughout the country. Some student groups also run other programs.  For example, MIT's Educational Studies Program (which is a student group, even though it sounds so official) also has Spark, HSSP, Cascade, Junction, Delve, and ProveIt.

If you can find one near you, I highly recommend attending! There tends to be a lot of math-y people, both among the university students and the pre-college students.  I helped with one at Princeton in 2013.

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