Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Recipes for Pi: A math teacher's blog

I just came across a blog post about the game of Snugglenumber, which teaches place value and works well with a wide variety of ages - according to the post, it was a hit with grades 3 - 10.

Update: I just played this with my middle school math circle, and it was definitely a big hit. One parent emailed me afterwards to say:
When [name] and [name] got back, they told me that they loved yesterday's class. It seemed to be their favorite so far.
There's some other good stuff on the blog, which is called Recipes for Pi, but it hasn't been updated in a bit.

The blog's author, Anna Weltman, who is a math teacher in Brooklynalso wrote a mathematical art activity book. It looks awesome, and is aimed at ages 9 and up.  On Amazon, there seems to be an American version called This is Not a Math Book (amazon affiliate link here) and a British version called This is Not a Maths Book (amazon affiliate link here) but both are only available from third party sellers.  Here's a blog post with more information about the book.

Clicking image leads to Amazon affiliate link

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