Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chocolate Fix: A sweet logic game of deductive reasoning

ThinkFun makes a bunch of great games, including Rush Hour (Amazon affiliate link here), Swish, and Robot Turtles (Amazon affiliate link here).  But the one I want to focus on in this post is Chocolate Fix (Amazon affiliate link here). In this one-player logic game, there are 9 pieces of chocolate, in three colors and three shapes, and you have to figure out where to place them in the chocolate box using the clues on your challenge card.  A few things that I really like about chocolate fix:

1. You don't need paper and pencil, as you have physical chocolate pieces to work with (and cardboard circles for partial information).
2. You have to figure out where the patterns on the challenge card go in the chocolate box.  For example, on the picture below, the two diagonal patterns only have one possible spot, but the third pattern could a priori go in two different locations.
3. With four levels (and no words or numbers), it works well with a wide variety of ages... I'd say preschool/kindergarten through adult.

I bought a few copies for my 2016 Julia Robinson Math Festival, and the students seemed to really like it!
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