Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What is the Name of this Book?: The Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical Puzzles

Martin Gardner called this book "The most original, most profound, and most humorous collection of recreational logic and math problems ever written", and I agree.  I keep coming back to What is the Name of This Book?: The Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical Puzzles (here is my Amazon affiliate link) time and time again.  I mainly use it with middle school math circles, but I recommend it for upper elementary schoolers all the way through to adults!

The most well known chapter is Knights and Knaves.  On the island of Knights and knaves, everyone is either a knight, and always tells the truth, or a knave, and always lies.  What if two inhabitants come up to you, and one says to you: "We are both knaves." Can you figure out whether each of them is a knight or a knave? Another one of my favorite chapters is based off of Alice in Wonderland.  Each chapter reads like a story (which happens to ask a lot of questions of its readers).

In the future, I think I will combine this book with activities from Camp Logic whenever I want to teach logical reasoning.

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