Saturday, January 23, 2016

Math Girls: a Japanese book series combining mathematical rigor with light romance

Math Girls is a book series written by Hiroshi Yuki and translated into english (from the original Japanese) by Tony Gonzalez.  I originally found out about while attending the Joint Math Meetings in January 2014.  From the publisher:
Combining mathematical rigor with light romance, Math Girls is a unique introduction to advanced mathematics, delivered through the eyes of three students as they learn to deal with problems seldom found in textbooks. Math Girls has something for everyone, from advanced high school students to math majors and educators 

In addition to the main series of novels, there's also Manga, and a Math Girls Talk About... series, which focuses on high school level concepts and is meant to be more accessible.

Apparently these books are really popular in Japan, and hopefully more will keep being translated into English!

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