Monday, January 18, 2016

CTY: identifying and nurturing talented youth

John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is all about identifying and nurturing young people of great academic promise. They run an annual talent search for grades 2 - 8, which qualifies students for their other programs.  I took the SAT in 8th grade through them.  Although I didn't participate in any of the programs it qualified me more, it was still helpful in convincing my high school to let me take more advanced math classes.  After you become part of their network, you can take online classes through them (including self paced math courses, which are quite good for acceleration), attend their summer programs, and even participate in family programs. 

Although they do have math courses in their summer program, I wouldn't quite consider it to be in the category of math camps like PROMYS, HCSSiM, MathPath, Canada/USA Mathcamp, etc.  For example, students are admitted based on standardized test scores instead of their work on challenging untimed proof based problem sets. But it is certainly a nerd camp, and I know many people who had a great experience attending! 

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