Sunday, January 24, 2016

Camp Logic: a book filled with a week's worth of logic games and activities

Camp Logic is another book from Natural Math. From its amazon description:
This book offers a deeper insight into what mathematics is, tapping every child's intuitive ideas of logic and natural enjoyment of games. Simple-looking games and puzzles quickly lead to deeper insights, which will eventually connect with significant formal mathematical ideas as the child grows. This book is addressed to leaders of math circles or enrichment programs, but its activities can fit into regular math classes, homeschooling venues, or situations in which students are learning mathematics on their own. The mathematics contained in the activities can be enjoyed on many levels.
The material is broken into 5 days, but I could also see it spanning a semester or so of a math circle (there are 18 activities), or used as warmup material for the entire year. There's a lot of helpful commentary for leaders throughout the book. I think it would be perfect for upper elementary or middle school students, and can't wait to try it out with my middle school math circle group!

Update: I've used a few activities from here with my middle school math circle group now.   They loved the Cryptarithms, and I was surprised that many of them figured out the Cryptogram Puzzle (I put it at the bottom of the sheet as a challenge problem).  The Game of Giotto didn't work so well... I think introducing it via the puzzles instead of as a full class game might have been better. 

As with the other Natural Math books, it has an open license under Creative Commons, and you can choose from paperback, ePub + Kindle + PDF, or name your price PDF. Here's my amazon affiliate link.

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