Saturday, January 16, 2016

AOPS: books, online courses, and community for secondary school students

Art of Problem Solving was founded by Richard Rusczyk in 2003 to create interactive educational opportunities for avid math students. Here of some of the things you'll find:
  • Challenging and rigorous textbooks and online classes for prealgebra through calculus (including some topics not usually taught in school, like number theory and combinatorics).  Most mathy homeschoolers I know in grades 6 - 12 use these as their primary textbooks. 
  • Textbooks and online classes focused on problem solving and math contest preparation.
  • AoPS wiki, which includes a repository of old math contest problems, lists of math summer programs and competitions, and lots of other resources.
  • A free online learning system called Alcumus and a MATHCOUNTS style online game called For the Win!
  • A forum, which is especially good for students who don't have a lot of math-y peers nearby. 
This is definitely a website to check out for middle and high school students who are into math competitions and problem solving.  I still use it regularly! 

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